Clover 4.1 : Clover Maven Plugin Developer Guide


  • You have JDK1.6+ installed.
  • You have Maven 3.0+ installed (recommended version is 3.2.5).
  • Clone the repository from Bitbucket using SSH:
hg clone ssh://

(warning) This is Mercurial repository, not Git.

(warning) Do not mislead with the atlassian/maven-clover-plugin repository which is an archaic Clover for Maven1.

Build and test

To run unit tests:

mvn clean test

To run integration tests:

mvn clean integration-test -Pintegration-tests

To run integration tests against Maven 2:

mvn clean integration-test -Pintegration-tests-maven-20

Release and publish

To create a snapshot version:

mvn clean install

To release a stable version:

Because of the fact that only Atlassian employees have write access to (binaries repository) and (site documentation) running the 'mvn release:prepare release:perform' will fail. Instead of this, you can create a personal release manually - just put a release version number in pom.xml and run 'mvn install' to create a binary. You can also create a pull request to include your changes in the official build.

Creating a pull request

  1. Fork atlassian/maven-clover2-plugin repository and clone the fork into your workstation. 
  2. Implement the change (also write unit or integration tests). Commit changes.
  3. Create a pull request for atlassian/maven-clover2-plugin repository.
    1. ensure any new features/configuration options have been documented in pull request description


Stable releases can be downloaded from:

Snapshot releases can be downloaded from:


The JIRA issue tracker no longer exists, current issue tracker is

The SVN repository no longer exists, current Mercurial repository is