Clover 4.1 : Clover-for-IDEA Upgrade Guide

General instructions

By default Clover automatically checks for updates. When new version becomes available, the Clover icon will blink in the status bar. In order to update:

  1. Click on the blinking Clover icon.
  2. An update dialog will pop up. Click 'Yes'.
  3. Restart IDEA after installation.

Screen shot: the update dialog.


In order to update the plugin manually:

  1. Open 'File > Settings' (Linux, Windows) or 'IDEA > Preferences' (OS X) dialog. 
  2. Open the 'Plugins' tab and click 'Browse repositories' button.
  3. Find 'Atlassian Clover for IDEA' and click 'Update plugin'.
  4. Restart IDEA after installation.

Screen shot: the 'Browse Repositories' dialog.

Upgrading from specific releases

Please see the Clover Release Notes and the Clover-for-IDEA Changelog for version-specific upgrade instructions.


update_plugin_auto.png (image/png)
update_plugin.png (image/png)