• We encourage and display customer comments and votes openly in our issue tracking system,
  • We do not publish roadmaps.
  • Product Managers review our most popular voted issues on a regular basis.
  • We schedule features based on a variety of factors.
  • Our Atlassian Bug Fixing Policy is distinct from this process.
  • Atlassian provides consistent updates on the top 20 issues.

How to track what features are being implemented

When a new feature or improvement is scheduled, the 'fix-for' version will be indicated in the JIRA issue. This happens for the upcoming release only. We maintain roadmaps for more distant releases internally, but because these roadmaps are often pre-empted by changing customer demands, we do not publish them. 

How Atlassian chooses what to implement

In every major release we aim to implement highly requested features, but it is not the only determining factor. Other factors include:

  • Customer contact: We get the chance to meet customers and hear their successes and challenges at Atlassian Summit, Atlassian Unite, developer conferences, and road shows.
  • Customer interviews: All product managers at Atlassian do customer interviews.  Our interviews are not simply to capture a list of features, but to understand our customers' goals and plans.
  • Community forums: There are large volumes of posts on answers, of votes and comments on, and of conversations on community forums like groups on LinkedIn.
  • Customer Support: Our support team provides clear insights into the issues that are challenging for customers, and which are generating the most calls to support
  • Atlassian Experts: Our Experts provide insights into real-world customer deployments, especially for customers at scale.
  • Evaluator Feedback: When someone new tries our products, we want to know what they liked and disliked and often reach out to them for more detail.
  • In product feedback: The JIRA Issue Collectors that we embed our products for evaluators and our Early Access Program give us a constant pulse on how users are experiencing our product.
  • Usage data: Are customers using the features we have developed?
  • Product strategy: Our long-term strategic vision for the product.
  • Please read our post on Atlassian Answers for a more detailed explanation.


How to contribute to feature development

Influencing Atlassian's release cycle
We encourage our customers to vote on issues that have been raised in our public JIRA instance, Please find out if your request already exists - if it does, vote for it. If you do not find it you may wish to create a new one.

Extending Atlassian products
Atlassian products have powerful and flexible extension APIs. If you would like to see a particular feature implemented, it may be possible to develop the feature as a plugin. Documentation regarding the plugin APIs is available. Advice on extending either product may be available on the user mailing-lists, or at Atlassian Answers.

If you require significant customisations, you may wish to get in touch with our partners. They specialise in extending Atlassian products and can do this work for you. If you are interested, please contact us.

Further reading

See Atlassian Support Offerings for more support-related information.