Any of Clover's Ant Tasks may be used directly from within Maven by using the maven-antrun-plugin.

Specifically, if you wanted to use the clover-check task to ensure that a particular package maintains a given coverage percentage, you could use the following configuration in Maven:

                                <version>4.1.2</version> <!-- Ensure you use the same version as the clover-maven-plugin -->
                                        <property name="clover.license.path" location="${user.home}/clover.license"/>  <!-- Change this to point to your license -->
                                        <taskdef resource="cloverlib.xml" classpathref="maven.plugin.classpath"/>
                                        <clover-setup initString="${}/clover/clover.db"/>
                                        <clover-check filter="${clover.filter}" haltOnFailure="true">
                                            <package name="com.mypkg" target="100%"/> <!-- Check that com.mypkg always has 100% code coverage -->