17 March 2010

With pleasure, Atlassian presents version 2.0 of the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse. This release contains the same features that we previewed in the v2.0 Beta release plus more.

We've overhauled Crucible reviews in your Eclipse IDE this release. The new Crucible Review perspective allows you to work on the review as well as the file content at the same time, without having to switch back and forth between the two. The Crucible Review perspective also organises your workspace into a logical layout that makes working with reviews even easier.

You can now create post-commit Crucible reviews from multiple files within your Eclipse IDE, via the Package Explorer, or from a Java file viewed in the editor. Files selected in the Package Explorer can also be added to active reviews. The connector also supports additional SCM systems for post-commit reviews. Post-commit reviews created from changesets now support all SCMs currently supported by Crucible.

This version also includes annotations support for non-Java files (e.g. C++, PHP, Scala, Rails, Flex and more) and wiki markup support for review comments.

There are a number of smaller improvements and bug fixes, listed below.

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Highlights of this Release:

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Highlights of this Release

Crucible Review Perspective

The new Crucible Review perspective allows you to work on the review as well as the file content at the same time. You can navigate, view/add/remove comments and more; all without having to switch back and forth between the two. The Crucible Review perspective also organises your workspace into a logical layout that makes working with reviews even easier.

The new Crucible Review perspective also presents you with a workspace layout that makes working with reviews even easier. Key information about the review is displayed in a new Review Explorer in this perspective. The Review Explorer also keeps all of the commonly used review functions at your fingertips. Finally, the new perspective also includes a new Review Comment view. This view provides you with the information and functions you need to deal with individual review comments, all in one place.

Improvements to Crucible Review Creation

We've added a number of new ways for you to create reviews in your Eclipse IDE. Post-commit reviews can now be created from files selected in the Package Explorer or from the Java file you are currently viewing in the Active Task Editor. You can also add a file to an active review via the Package Explorer.

Addition of Files to Reviews

In addition to new ways to create reviews in your Eclipse IDE, you can now also add files to reviews.

Extended Annotations Support

The Atlassian Connector for Eclipse now supports Crucible annotations for any non-Java file. This includes files from a whole range of technologies, including C++, PHP, Scala, Rails, Flex and more.

Wiki Markup Support for Comments

We've added wiki markup support for comments in this release. Comments that use wiki markup will be rendered appropriately in your IDE. The connector also includes a robust wiki markup editor for comments that provides auto-completion for wiki markup notation, issue keys and words; suggests spelling corrections; and offers two preview modes (simple and browser).

Support for Additional SCM Systems for Post-Commit Reviews

The connector now supports all SCM systems supported by Crucible for post-commit reviews created from changesets. For information on the SCM systems supported by Crucible, i.e. Subversion, CVS, Perforce, Git and IBM Clearcase. Please see Crucible Supported Platforms for more information.

Other Things Worth Mentioning

This release brings a number of bug fixes and improvements. The following items are worth a special mention:

  • Publish all draft comments with a single click.
  • Create ad-hoc reviews directly from your code.
  • New functions for working with comments — next/previous comment navigation, filter out read comments, mark comments as read/unread, reply to replies.
  • Support for working on reviews without moderators (note, creation of reviews without moderators is not supported yet).
  • Pre-defined filters in the New Query wizard for JIRA.
  • Restrict JIRA comment visibility to specific roles.

Complete List of Fixes in this Release

Key Summary P Status
PLE-1041 Can't cancel mark as read job in Comment View after refresh Major Resolved
PLE-1039 Annotations not visible for local file opened from Review View if it was already open in the editor Major Resolved
PLE-1038 [regression] problems in Review Perspective Critical Resolved
PLE-1037 Ability to refresh review from Review View Major Closed
PLE-1028 Creating review with comment from changed file (editor) does not add a comment Major Closed
PLE-1025 Comments added to the compare editor are not visible Major Closed
PLE-1024 Problem when opening file from Review Explorer. Major Closed
PLE-1022 Review Explorer synchronize with editor problem Major Closed
PLE-1019 Delay marking the comment as read in Review Explorer / Comment View Major Resolved
PLE-1018 Support Wiki markup when adding crucible comment Major Closed
PLE-1017 Unread comments filter should not hide comments Major Resolved
PLE-1011 Review Explorer focus problem Minor Closed
PLE-1008 Eclipse connector is unable to log in to latest Studio Critical Resolved
PLE-1003 Implement new usage reports on our wiki Major Closed
PLE-1001 jira query wizard does not allow to combine "no component" with other concrete components for 'in components' filter Minor Resolved
PLE-1000 jira query wizard does not allow to combine "no version" with other concrete versions for 'reported in' filter Minor Resolved
PLE-999 NPE in Create Review wizard (Back button does not work) Major Resolved
PLE-997 [regression] Add to Active review does not work from the editor - it wants to create a new review instead Critical Resolved
PLE-993 Reviewers list broken in review details window (no display name) Minor Resolved
PLE-990 People installing just JIRA Connector should get our Support (StAC) JIRA server added automatically as a Task Repository Major Resolved
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