12 February 2013


Atlassian presents version 3.2 of the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse.

What's new in this release?

  • We've significantly improved custom fields handling.
  • Several other improvements have been added.

Important Note when Upgrading

Since version 3.1, Atlassian Connector for Eclipse works with JIRA 5.0 and above.

If your JIRA server is running behind a reverse proxy, and the reverse proxy requires separate HTTP authentication, the credentials for the reverse proxy must match the credentials for JIRA.

For more details, please see version 3.1 release notes.

Don't have the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse yet?

You can install the connector directly from the Eclipse software updates manager or from a zipped archive. Follow our installation guide.

We love your feedback!

Please log your issues, requests and votes. They help us decide what needs doing.

This is an open source project. Fork it or get the source code from our bitbucket repository.

Highlights of this Release

Improved custom fields handling

We have significantly improved custom fields handling:

  • Empty custom fields are displayed in the issue editor and it is possible to set their values directly from Eclipse. 
  • Support for custom fields has been significantly extended. Here is the complete list of supported custom fields (display and edit mode):
    • Free Text Field
    • Text Field
    • URL Field
    • Date Picker (unset is not supported)
    • Date Time (unset is not supported, minutes are not displayed)
    • Number Field (unset is not supported)
    • Multi User Picker
    • User Picker
    • Select List
    • Radio Buttons
    • Multi Select
    • Multi Checkboxes
    • Labels
    • Group Picker
    • Multi Group Picker
  • Several other issues related to custom fields have been fixed. Please see the complete list of fixes below.

Unset is not supported

Unset operation is not supported for Date Picker, Date Time and Number Field.
Once the value is set, you can change it, but is not possible to clear the value and make the field empty. That is the limitation of JIRA REST Client.

Other Improvements

Here is the list of most important fixes and improvements:

  • Archived versions are no longer cluttering selection lists: PLE-928, PLE-1374 
  • Tasks list can be sorted using GreenHopper Rank field: PLE-1368
  • Stacktrace detector has been fixed and improved: PLE-1418, PLE-1359
  • Comments containing html tags and html special characters are displayed correctly: PLE-1434
  • Labels field is visible in the issue editor (read-only): PLE-1350

Complete List of Fixes in this Release

Key Summary P Status
PLE-1310 Original Estimate is corrupted when setting Remaining Estimate Critical Closed
PLE-1432 Unable to upload attachment anymore Critical Resolved
PLE-1428 StackOverflow Error / UI hang after upgrading to 3.1.0 nightly Critical Resolved
PLE-1436 Unable to report issue Major Resolved
PLE-1435 Unable to synchronize query/task: Cannot retrieve security levels metadata Major Resolved
PLE-1276 If JIRA API call are not enabled I receive: Bad envelope tag: script Major Closed
PLE-901 [upstream] JIRA does not display options for custom fields Major Closed
PLE-1337 Submitting a change to a ticket in the Jira built-in view in Eclipse that changes the task's status removes all of the labels associated with the ticket. Major Closed
PLE-778 E-mail custom field is submitted in wrong format Major Closed
PLE-1299 Problem with issue editing with GreenHopper installed Major Closed
PLE-1374 Archived releases still show up in the Myln Connector really cultering it up Major Resolved
PLE-1332 Multiple CC's are not supported (multi user picker custom field) Major Resolved
PLE-1429 Unable to upgrade to nightly 3.1.1.I20130122-0700 : 'org.apache.commons.httpclient 3.1.1' but it could not be found Major Resolved
PLE-1422 Switch last SOAP calls to REST Major Resolved
PLE-1434 Comments which contain a '<' character are cut off Major Resolved
PLE-663 Empty custom fields not shown on the issue edit screen Major Resolved
PLE-1368 Tasks in Task List view will not sort by Rank Major Resolved
PLE-1359 Duplicate Detector parser unable to parse some stack traces Major Resolved
PLE-967 Add support for multi-user selection custom field Major Closed
PLE-1282 Extra square brackets are being added to custom field values Major Closed
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