14 April 2015


Atlassian presents version 3.2.4 of the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse.

We've fixed few issues in this release.

Important Note when Upgrading

Since version 3.1, Atlassian Connector for Eclipse works with JIRA 5.0 and above.

If your JIRA server is running behind a reverse proxy, and the reverse proxy requires separate HTTP authentication, the credentials for the reverse proxy must match the credentials for JIRA.

For more details, please see version 3.1 release notes.

Don't have the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse yet?

You can install the connector directly from the Eclipse software updates manager or from a zipped archive. Follow our installation guide.

We love your feedback!

Please log your issues, requests and votes. They help us decide what needs doing.

This is an open source project. Fork it or get the source code from our bitbucket repository.

Complete List of Fixes in this Release

Key Summary T Created Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution
PLE-1582 NPE when synchronizing issues Story Mar 26, 2015 Jacek Jaroczynski [Atlassian] Jacek Jaroczynski [Atlassian] Major Resolved Fixed
PLE-1565 Issue transition fails if 'due date' is required on the transition screen Story Aug 07, 2014 Jacek Jaroczynski [Atlassian] Jacek Jaroczynski [Atlassian] Major Resolved Fixed
PLE-1564 Cannot submit issues due to Priority field Bug Aug 04, 2014 Jacek Jaroczynski [Atlassian] Wolfram Reinke Major Resolved Fixed
PLE-1566 Give clear error message for self-signed certificates Story Sep 02, 2014 Jacek Jaroczynski [Atlassian] Jacek Jaroczynski [Atlassian] Major Resolved Fixed
PLE-1579 Connector displays version ID instead of version name Bug Mar 03, 2015 Jacek Jaroczynski [Atlassian] Jacek Jaroczynski [Atlassian] Minor Resolved Fixed
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