Once you have opened the Bamboo view in Eclipse, you can view the results of the tests in a specific build.

To view test results,

  1. Open the Bamboo view:
    • In the Eclipse toolbar, select 'Window', 'Show View', 'Other'.
    • The 'Show View' popup window appears. Open the 'Atlassian' folder and click 'Bamboo'. (If you have trouble finding the options, try the full instructions with screenshots.)
  2. Choose one of the following ways to view the test results — all methods are illustrated in diagram 1 below:
    • From the Bamboo view:
      1. Right-click the line showing the build you want, and select 'Show Test Results'.
    • Or, also from the Bamboo view:
      1. Select the line showing the build you want.
      2. Click the JUnit icon in the view's toolbar.
  3. The JUnit view opens, as shown in diagram 2 below. Now you can use the JUnit functionality to:
    • Select a file and open it.
    • Re-run a test.
    • Debug the code.
    • Copy the failure trace information to your clipboard.

Diagram 1: Various ways to view the results of tests in a Bamboo build

Diagram 2: Test results displayed in JUnit

Next, take a look at adding a task based on a failed build.


Working with Bamboo Builds in Eclipse


EclipseBambooBuildDetails.jpg (image/jpeg)
EclipseBambooViewWithDropdown.jpg (image/jpeg)
Viewing test results (text/xml)
Viewing test results (application/octet-stream)
Viewing test results (application/octet-stream)
Viewing test results (application/gliffy+xml)
EclipseJUnitFailedTest.jpg (image/jpeg)
Test Results in JUnit (application/octet-stream)
Test Results in JUnit (application/gliffy+xml)
Viewing build log (application/gliffy+xml)
Adding task for failed build (application/gliffy+xml)
Adding JIRA issue (application/gliffy+xml)
Viewing test results.png (image/png)
Test results in JUnit.png (image/png)
Adding task for failed build.png (image/png)
Adding JIRA issue.png (image/png)
Viewing build log.png (image/png)
Viewing test results (application/gliffy+json)
Viewing test results.png (image/png)