Atlassian IDE Connectors : Working with Bamboo Builds in Eclipse

With the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse, you can monitor and act upon your Bamboo builds from within your Eclipse IDE.


Please make sure that you have installed the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse, as described in the Installation Guide, and defined at least one Bamboo server, as described in the Configuration Guide.

Summary of What You Can Do

Below are the highlights of viewing and acting upon Bamboo builds within Eclipse. Follow the links to the relevant sections of the user guide.

Opening the Bamboo View in Eclipse

Bamboo has its own 'Bamboo' view in Eclipse. This is different from JIRA and Crucible, where issues and reviews are included into your 'Task List' view.

To open the 'Bamboo' view,

  1. In the Eclipse toolbar, select 'Window', 'Show View', 'Other'. See screenshot 1.
  2. The 'Show View' popup window appears, as shown in screenshot 2. Open the 'Atlassian' folder and click 'Bamboo'.
  3. The Bamboo view appears, as shown in screenshot 3.

Screenshot 1: The Eclipse 'Show View' menu

Screenshot 2: The Eclipse 'Show View' popup

Screenshot 3: The Bamboo view


Refer to the Bamboo documentation for more information about Bamboo builds.