6 May 2010

With pleasure, Atlassian presents version 2.3 of the Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ IDEA.

The connector now offers integration with the IDEA context management feature (IDEA 9.0.2 or later required). The connector's JIRA integration also allows you to attach files to issues and edit issue fields from within IDEA. We've included preset issue filters in the connector as well. Basic authentication is now available for JIRA servers, if you need to use this authentication method.

We've added a few new Crucible integration features in this release. These include iterative reviews, configurable caching of review files and the display of revision numbers against review comments.

Highlights of this Release:

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You can install the connector from the 'Plugins' menu in IntelliJ IDEA. Follow our installation instructions.

This is an open source project. You can get the source code from our SVN repository.

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What's New for JIRA Issues

Context Management Integration (IDEA 9.0.2 only)

IDEA 9.0.2 required for context management integration

You need IDEA 9.0.2 or later to use the context management integration feature in this release. Please upgrade IDEA, if necessary.

Making an issue your active issue now automatically creates an IDEA task for it. IDEA automatically saves the context (including active changelist, open editors, expanded branches in Project View, run configurations, enabled breakpoints) for your task. If you need to start work on another issue or shut down IntelliJ, you can restore your context when you return to working on your issue simply by selecting it via the drop-down menu in the toolbar.

In-place Field Editing and File Attachments

You can now edit a number of issue fields and attach files from within your IDE. Simply edit an issue field or add an attachment (via a dialogue or drag and drop).

Preset Filters

The connect now offers a set of standard preset server-wide issue filters. You can filter your issues using commonly used criteria, such as issues which are assigned to you, outstanding issues, recently resolved issues and more.

Basic Authentication

You can now use basic HTTP authentication to connect to your JIRA server, if you are having trouble using the standard server setup in the connector.

What's New for Crucible Reviews

Iterative Reviews

You can now add a changeset to a review either during a commit or by selecting the changeset when browsing changes. Different revisions of the same file can be added to a review. You will also be able to view comments between different revisions in a file.

Pre-Loading of Review Files

Browsing through different files in a review is much faster in this release, as the connector now caches files for a review as soon as the review is opened. You won't have to wait for a file to load when you open it from a review. This cache setting can be modified via the IDEA connector settings.

Revision Numbers for Comments

The revision number that a comment applies to will now be displayed when viewing files and comments in a tree.

Complete List of Fixes in this Release