11 December 2012


Atlassian presents version 3.0.8 of the Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ IDE

Don't have the Atlassian IntelliJ Connector yet?

You can install the connector from the 'Plugins' menu in IntelliJ IDEA. Follow our installation instructions.

Have not seen the what's new in the latest major release? Have a look at Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ IDEA - v3.0 Release Notes.

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This is an open source project. Fork it or get the source code from our BitBucket repository.

Highlights of this Release 

List of Fixes in this Release

Key Summary P Status
PL-2721 Opening intellij settings gives errror Blocker Resolved
PL-2680 After configuring a JIRA server location the plugin throws a NoClassDefFoundError trying to connect Blocker Closed
PL-2639 when running 2 instances of PhpStorm this error occured then opening jira issue Blocker Closed
PL-2540 Error when trying to stop work on an issue with resolve action Blocker Resolved
PL-2670 Tried to submit some changes to the CVS Blocker Closed
PL-2722 Exception after filling out project plugin info Blocker Resolved
PL-2610 Unable to connect over an SSL connection on a non default port Blocker Resolved
PL-2547 Exception when trying to stop work on the issue and resolve it Blocker Resolved
PL-2768 Error "Icon cannot be found" occurs every few seconds Blocker Resolved
PL-2732 com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.impl.ActionManagerImpl$1@217aa340 java.lang.Throwable Blocker Resolved
PL-2720 Error in Attlasian Idea Blocker Resolved
PL-2460 Give option to not use Master Password Blocker Resolved
PL-2563 "Cannot connect to <server>" using "Open Task" dialog, despite Test reporting "Connection is successful" Blocker Closed
PL-2763 ConcurrentModificationException in Atlassian Connector Blocker Resolved
PL-2764 Plugin Exception occurs when I right click on item in "Atlanssian" tab and click "Start work" Blocker Resolved
PL-2767 description cleared on workflow action if SOAP interface used Blocker Resolved
PL-2766 NPE Blocker Resolved
PL-2660 Idea 11.1 freez after trying to start Issue Critical Closed
PL-2734 Icon cannot be found in '/general/toolWindowChanges.png', action Critical Closed
PL-2765 stack traces not shown as parsed in IDEA 12 Critical Resolved
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