Below are some essential notes on upgrading to version 2.0 Beta of the Atlassian IDE Plugin for IDEA. For details of the new features and improvements in this release, please read the Release Notes.

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Upgrade Notes

Crucible 1.6 Required

Version 2.0 of the plugin supports Crucible 1.6 and later.

(warning) The plugin no longer supports Crucible 1.5.

Explanation: The Crucible support in earlier versions of the plugin was very limited. Crucible 1.6 provides a more sophisticated API, allowing us to present the full review cycle within the IDE. As far as we know, very few people were making use of the Crucible 1.5 support in the plugin. For these reasons, it is not worthwhile continuing with Crucible 1.5 support.

When you upgrade to the latest version of the plugin, any Crucible servers not running Crucible 1.6 will not be accessible via the plugin.

Upgrade Procedure

Please take these steps to upgrade to version 2.0 Beta of the plugin:

  • If you already have version 1.6.1 of the Atlassian IDE Plugin for IDEA, you can allow the automatic upgrade to version 2.0 Beta as usual. See the Upgrade Guide.
  • If you do not have version 1.6.1 of the plugin, please use IDEA's plugin manager to upgrade the plugin:
    • In IDEA, Select File -> Settings -> IDE Settings -> Plugins.
    • Click the Available tab.
    • Select the Atlassian plugin and click the Update Plugin icon at top left.

Atlassian IDE Plugin 2.0 Beta 2 for IDEA - Release Notes