1 December 2008

Atlassian is delighted to present version 2.0 Beta 8 of the Atlassian IntelliJ Connector. For this release, we have continued our drive to enhance the the connector's Issues tab.
You can now group the JIRA issues by project, type, status, priority or date last updated. In the heading for each group, the connector displays the number of issues in the group. If an issue has subtasks, they will appear under the issue and you can collapse or expand them too.

Do you want quick access to an issue? Just type the issue key into the search box at top right of the Issues tab. The connector will display matching issues as you type.

The custom filter dialogue box is now much prettier and easier to use.
Take a look at the full list of improvements and bug fixes below.

Screenshot: The Issues tab of the Atlassian IntelliJ Connector

Screenshot: Entering an issue key in the search box

Screenshot: The custom filter dialogue box

Don't have the Atlassian IntelliJ Connector yet?

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This is an open source project. You can get the source code from our SVN repository.

Complete List of Fixes in IntelliJ Connector 2.0 Beta 8

JIRA Issues Macro: Unable to locate JIRA server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration.