21 June 2010

With pleasure, Atlassian presents version 1.1 of the Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio. This plugin allows you to pull in and work with the Atlassian products within Visual Studio. Instead of switching between programs on your desktop, you can see all the information for your project right there in your development environment.

Change in Supported Platforms

As previously announced, the Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio no longer supports a number of platforms. Please see Supported Platforms - Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio for full details.

Don't have the Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio yet?

Download the connector from the Atlassian Plugin Exchange. Follow our installation instructions.

Highlights of this Release:

This is an open source project. You can get the source code from our SVN repository.

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Please log your issues, requests and votes. They help us decide what needs doing. It is easy to add an issue. If you do not yet have an account, the system will prompt you to create one.

JIRA Issues in Visual Studio

Starting/Stopping Work on Issues in the Connector

The Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio now allows you to easily co-ordinate your work between Visual Studio and JIRA. You can start work on an issue with a single click, which sets the issue as the active issue. This automatically assigns the issue to you in JIRA, transitions the issue to 'In Progress', starts an internal timer to calculate the time spent and displays the issue in a convenient toolbar with common issue functions. Stopping work on the active issue pops up a window that allows to optionally log your time spent on the issue and transition the issue.

Comments when Logging Work

We've also added the ability to add comments when logging work against an issue in the connector. Simply open the log work dialogue, enter your comment and it will be displayed when viewing the work log in JIRA.

Bamboo Builds in Visual Studio

Enhanced Bamboo Build Logs

We've enhanced the Bamboo build logs displayed in the Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio. If you have the appropriate project open, you will be able to click on the class names, file paths, etc, in the log to navigate to the relevant information.

Global Configuration

Shared Servers for Solutions

Configuring a JIRA or Bamboo server for multiple solutions in Visual Studio is now much simpler. You can now set up a server once, and select for the server to be made available to all solutions in Visual Studio. The server will be already configured for you when you open up a new solution.

Complete List of Fixes in this Release

Key Summary P Status
PLVS-183 issue links panel shows broken links on sites with self-signed certs Major Resolved
PLVS-180 deleting a server in the server list causes server details panel to go "white" Major Resolved
PLVS-179 put comment field in the log work dialog Major Resolved
PLVS-178 high CPU utilization in VS2010 Major Resolved
PLVS-177 add "deactivating issue" text on the deactivation dialog while switching active issues Minor Resolved
PLVS-176 align JIRA status messages to the right Minor Resolved
PLVS-174 Attempts to search for updates straight away after hibernate wakeup. Major Resolved
PLVS-167 Can't Filter with Issue Type "Subtask". Major Resolved
PLVS-166 Get Plan list button does not retrieve all plans Major Resolved
PLVS-163 Opening a new visual studio solution forces me to reenter my JIRA server options Major Resolved
PLVS-162 Ability to hide the Builds - Bamboo tab Major Resolved
PLVS-161 Option to select a filter and then remove the server / filter view Major Resolved
PLVS-148 only provide text markup for issue links if issue key prefix matches project keys in server metadata Major Resolved
PLVS-119 provide a way to navigate to an attachment preview even if the SSL certificate is self-signed Major Resolved
PLVS-117 provide a way to accept or reject SSL certificates from unknown CAs (and self-signed) instead of blindly accepting all of them Major Resolved
PLVS-115 provide the "active issue" concept (like in the IntelliJ Connector) Major Resolved
PLVS-113 add ability to have the "create issue" kept open after the issue is created, so that multiple issues can be created in one go Major Resolved
PLVS-111 multiple margin glyphs are drawn if a line in editor contains more than one issue link Major Resolved
PLVS-110 provide "clickability" for issue links margin glyphs Major Resolved
PLVS-107 remember expand/collapse state of items in trees across tree refreshes and IDE restarts Major Resolved
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