26 March 2013

With pleasure, Atlassian presents version 1.3.7 of the Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio. This plugin allows you to pull in and work with the Atlassian products within Visual Studio. Instead of switching between programs on your desktop, you can see all the information for your project right there in your development environment.



Don't have the Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio yet?

Download the connector from the Atlassian Plugin Exchange. Follow our installation instructions.

Highlights of this Release:

    • Support for Bamboo plan branches
    • Support for creating subtasks in JIRA
    • bugfixes

This is an open source project. You can get the source code from our BitBucket repository.

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Complete List of Fixes in this Release

Key Summary P Status
PLVS-387 test: sub2 Major Closed
PLVS-386 test sub Major Closed
PLVS-384 unable to parse issue JSON Major Resolved
PLVS-382 show bamboo plan branches Major Resolved
PLVS-381 read list of fields to set when creating issue from createmeta Major Resolved
PLVS-379 InvalidOperationException in Atlassian.plvs.util.SolutionUtils.matchProjectItems Critical Resolved
PLVS-378 HTTP 400 due to illegal JQL "Expecting ',' but got 'order'" against JIRA v5.0.4 Major Resolved
PLVS-377 InvalidOperationException and grayed panel on editing Bamboo settings Critical Resolved
PLVS-376 值对于 Int32 太大或太小 Blocker Resolved
PLVS-374 Authentication fails when username contains domain name Major Resolved
PLVS-373 Cannot list issues with 1.3.7-SNAPSHOT Blocker Resolved
PLVS-371 an attempt to resolve an issue and place a comment into the issue at the same time - crushed ondemand Blocker Resolved
PLVS-369 use JIRA REST API to talk to JIRA Major Resolved
PLVS-365 Allow user to create sub-tasks when a Parent Task is selected in the JIRA connector Minor Resolved
PLVS-364 CLONE - add product versions to the stats Major Resolved
PLVS-363 Allow the user to double-click on an attachment to open it from a temporary location. Major Resolved
PLVS-361 File extensions in "Attachment Preview" is case sensitive, but it should not be. Major Resolved
PLVS-359 I am getting an error navigating issues through VS plugin Major Resolved
PLVS-352 when NTLM domain authentication is used, attempt to assign issue to current user fails, bacause domain name is prepended to user name Major Resolved
PLVS-339 Creating Sub Tasks in the VS connector Major Resolved
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