Atlassian IDE Connectors : Collecting Usage Statistics for the Visual Studio Connector

If you indicate your agreement, the Visual Studio Connector will collect information on the usage of the connector and send the information to Atlassian.

When you first open your IDE with the connector installed, we ask you to decide whether you agree to participate in the collection of usage statistics. You can also change your decision later via the configuration settings, as described below. The collection of statistics is disabled by default.

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Information Collected

The connector will collect the following information:

  • Number of JIRA servers you have set up with your connector.
  • Number of JIRA issues you have performed an action on (e.g. commenting, logging work, workflow actions, etc) since the last update ping.

all operations on an issue

All the information we collect is anonymous and cannot be used to identify you. We do not collect any private information. We use a randomly generated unique ID to differentiate one installation from another.

Mechanism Used to Send Information

The connector collects the information and sends it to Atlassian as a simple HTTP request. The URL parameters are:


URL Parameter



A random ID generated to denote an Visual Studio instance.


The release number of the Atlassian Connector that you are using


Number of JIRA servers


Number of JIRA issues open


Number of JIRA issues made active

Reasons for Collecting Usage Statistics

We are trying to better understand the usage of the connector, so that we can continue to develop a better product that meets your needs.

Enabling or Disabling the Collection of Information

We understand, of course, that some people do not wish to have any information collected from them. That's fine too.

You can choose to enable or disable the collection of information at any time. Just tick or untick the 'Report usage statistics' checkbox as described in the Automatic Updates section of Configuring the Visual Studio Connector.

We would still appreciate any feedback, comments, or suggestions you may have via our JIRA issue tracker or our forums.


Configuring the Visual Studio Connector